Monday, March 8, 2010

What is colostrum

Colostrum is literally ‘nature’s first food. It is the pre-milk fluid that all female mammals give their newborn in the first few days following the birth. It is a highly complex cocktail of vital immune and growth factors required by the baby for protection against the diseases it will be exposed to. Colostrum also assists with the development of the newborn into a strong and healthy adult.

For centuries the colostrum taken from animals has been consumed by both children and adults. Colostrum has been used in India as a traditional remedy for thousands of years. Research conducted over the past two decades has proven that bovine colostrum is one of the most effective nutritional supplements available for support of the immune system. It is also well renowned for aiding tissue repair.

100% Pure New Zealand

Colostrum produced in New Zealand has earned worldwide respect for its purity and quality. Researches and users of this unequalled health supplement have long been convinced that New Zealand dairy farmers produce the world’s best. Even farmers from the United States have agreed that New Zealand has some of the best dairy farming practices seen in the world.

The New Zealand climate allows pastures to grow readily, enabling the cows to be pasture-fed all year round. Due to their daily exposure to soil bacteria these cattle have a more developed immune system. The healthy green grass as well produces beneficial enzymes, some of which are found in the colostrum and aid in its assimilation. The intensely managed, year-round pasturelands in New Zealand result in the cows requiring little or no supplemental grains.

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