Monday, March 8, 2010

Colostrum is the first milk produced during late pregnancy and for a few days after birth, and provides essential nutrients and infection-fighting antibodies. Immunity is the foundation of wellbeing and colostrum is a natural immunity booster. It provides the antibodies which attack the microbes that cause illness. The growth factor heals damaged tissue and rejuvenates the skin. Scientists discovered that the closest colostrum to that of humans was found in cattle.

Colostrum is booming worldwide and many top athletes and natural health practitioners have tapped into it’s power and health benefits.

Research is proof and hundreds of studies by some of the world’s most respected doctors, researchers and scientists have shown that the components in colostrum can . .

Destroy viruses, bacteria, yeasts and parasites Powerfully boost immune function Help accelerate the healing of injuries Help burn fat and build lean muscle tissue increase vitality and stamina

It’s time to start believing in miracles again!

The New Image Colostrum Product Range

ALPHA LIPID TM Colostrum Capsules and Tablets
New Image ALPHA LIPID - a patented exclusive coating made up of added complex lipids which enhance the solubility of colostrum assisting delivery to key areas of the body. Phospholipids, components of ALPHA LIPID have been associated with improved memory and reduced symptons of Depression. More reading Institute of Colostrum Research

Colostrum Capsules Code 6355 - 120 Capsules Code 6350 - 60 Capsules

Vanilla Chewable Tablets Code 6345 - 120 Tablets Code 6325 - 60 Tables

ALPHA LIPID TM Colostrum Powder Drink
New Image ALPHA LIPID LIFELINE is ideal for everyone at every stage in life, and is well known for its benefits to athletes, those with immune disorders and convalescents. The lactose molecule in this product has been reduced to its simple sugar allowing lactose intolerant people to benefit from its use. Lifeline contains added acidophilus which helps promote a healthy intestine and aids in the prevention of yeast infections. Enriched with 1000mg of calcium as well as vitamins and minerals Lifeline truly justifies its name. Each delicious drink made with this product has 2000mg of colostrum.

Code 6345 - 425g can. One months Supply.

ALPHA LIPID TM Ultra Boost Colostrum

The latest product in the New Image Colostrum range. Delivering an extra powerfu, high potency megaboost of 550mg of highest grade colostrum with each tablet. Immufort provides the ultimate in protection and immune function building. Taken in conjunction with our FluNOX spray will even further enhance immune function.

Code 0000 - 60 Chewable Tablets

FLUNOX TM Oral Colostrum Spray

This unique oral spray allows the powerful bioactives in the solution to be immediately absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth and oesophagus. The secret is the concentration of Proline Rich Polypeptides which act on the immune system putting all the bodies defences on red alert against mutating bacteria and viruses. Download FluNox brochure

Code 6345 - 125ml bottle

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