Monday, March 8, 2010

Phospholipids which are also components of ALPHA LIPIDTM have been associated with improved memory and have been shown to help elevate mood and reduce the symptoms of depression.

The 1000 milligrams of calcium found in each serving of LIFELINETM is concentrated calcium from cow’s milk and is the most accessible and easily assimilated form of this ineral. The one serving daily is close to the Recommended Daily Allowance and ensures promotion of healthy bone structure along with protection against the development of osteoporosis.

LIFELINETM is also low in both lactose and fat making it safe for everyone including those that are lactose intolerant. Colostrum is the only natural supplemental source of the actual growth factors (hormones) IgF-1, TgF A & B, FgF, EgF, and PDgF. Naturally produced during youth, these hormones control normal muscle, nerve and cartilage cell growth, regeneration and repair. As the body ages these hormones diminish and replacing them through the use of the LIFELINETM product can be of assistance in slowing down the aging process.

suitable for everyone from children to grandparents

More Please! In 2003 New Image International was the recipient of an Trade NZ Export Award presented by Prime Minister, Helen Clark. Prior to the presentation ceremony the Prime Minister was given a glass of ALPHA LIPIDTM LIFELINETM by Chairman, Graeme Clegg. The Prime Minister was so impressed with the product that she requested a second glass, commenting that it ‘tastes like melted ice-cream’.

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