Monday, March 8, 2010

SD 2

The New Image Ultra Diet programme has a wide variety of approved foods on its list and on an average day you may find yourself beginning with a breakfast of tomato juice, eggs, bacon and mushrooms, followed at lunchtime by a chef’s salad of chicken, cheese and avocado, while dinner could be a grilled steak with vegetable kebabs and tossed salad.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it!

And best of all, after just one week you will find you’re probably 2-4 kilos lighter - possibly even more in exceptional cases.

The Ultra Diet programme was developed by two doctors at Harvard Medical School and is well researched making certain that while your weight loss is rapid it is also safe and hunger free.

With the Ultra Diet programme you receive a good supply of high quality protein each day which ensures the weight loss is only fat and not lean body mass. If body mass is lost, skin can sag, making the user age but with Ultra Diet you maintain good muscle and skin tone - looking good and feeling great.

Your dietary intake is supplemented with the Ultra Diet 2 protein drink which is mixed with water into a delicious creamy drink taken prior to each meal. The full recommended daily allowance of vitamins, essential minerals and fibre are contained in UD2 shakes.

More than just a diet the Ultra Diet is a system of education that will reprogramme your thinking on food. You will learn about portioning, food content and how to prepare high quality meals using an appetising variety of ingredients that are already in your fridge and pantry.

ADEQUATE PROTEIN The Ultra Diet programme offers the maximum amount of protein for the least number of calories. Your diet must include 1 gram of useable protein per kilogram of ideal body weight.

ADEQUATE ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS Essential fatty acids ensure that the body can metabolise and store its fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E, and K. Flaxseed oil contains Omega 3, in particular EPA and DHA fatty acids which are essential to good health. They are used by the body to produce prostaglandins and for retaining the health of skin and cell membranes.

ADEQUATE MINERALS AND VITAMINS A vitamin and mineral premix is a part of the Ultra Diet protein Powder. Four servings daily makes certain that you are receiving the minimum recommended daily allowance of these vitamins and minerals.

ADEQUATE WATER A minimum of 2 litres daily.

ADEQUATE FIBRE It is important to retain bowel functioning on a daily basis. In general, people do not have adequate amounts of water soluble fibre in their diet and this can be exacerbated by the lack of fruit consumed on the Ultra Diet programme. For this reason it is necessary to add one scoop of New Image’s FibreMax product to each serving of UD2.

ADEQUATE EXERCISE Mild exertion assist in the burning of calories and the best form is a brisk walk for 20-30 minutes a day. Tailor your exercise regime to suit your own physical condition, eg: if you are in poor physical condition make sure that your walk is on flat, level ground or replace it with swimming.

CONTROLLED CARBOHYDRATES Eat only from the recommended foods list supplied with your diet programme. There are two types of carbohydrate -

Simple Carbohydrates are in general the white, sugary and starchy products: sugar, white flour, bread, pasta and white rice. All of these are too easily metabolised by the body and are used as an energy source, thus preserving the fat. Fruit also falls into this category because it contains easily metabolised fructose.

Complex Carbohydrates are those that the body metabolises at approximately the same rate as energy is burnt, and additional energy is required when you exercise. This energy comes via metabolising fat.

Complex carbs are the green vegetables. For a main meal of the day five cups of green vegetables cooked any way you like, with added protein is a large and adequate meal.

While adhering to the diet there will be structural changes in the body. There will be a breakdown of the fatty tissue which must be disposed of without overloading the kidneys or liver. 1-2 grams daily of potassium (K) is required to protect the kidneys. It is recommended that ordinary salt used for seasoning be replaced with New Image ‘Lite Seasoner’, a 50/50 blend of sodium and potassium chloride.

The success of the Ultra Diet programme is based upon Ketosis - the natural process of burning fat for energy. The Uriscan Keto Sticks are used to measure whether or not you are in ketosis and the results are shown in varying stages of pink. The readings allow you to see exactly what level of ketosis you are in and if there are any necessary changes required in your water and carbohydrate intakes.

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