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Colostrum also contains powerful anti-inflammatory agents which inhibit the activities of inflammationcausing agents inside the body, thereby reducing the inflammation and its associated pain.

During training and competitions sportspeople place stress on their entire body including the internal organs, especially the gut. Growth factors found in colostrum have been proven to aid in the healing of gut damage and in the prevention of subsequent damage. With a properly functioning gut, your body is better able to metabolise everything you put in to it.

Colostrum and aging Extensive research has shown that colostrum is unique as it is the only substance that offers anti-aging hormones in perfect balance - just the way nature intended. This explains why there are no known negative side effects from taking colostrum, even in large doses.

When colostrum is taken regularly as a supplement, skin can appear more youthful, age and liver spots can be reduced, and bone mass, density and lean muscle mass is increased. Fat levels decrease, while energy and disease resistance levels increase. In some cases hair can begin to regain its thickness and colour.

Colostrum also contains other vital growth factors such as EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), which demonstrates the highest ability to stimulate skin regeneration and wound healing. IGF-I and IGF-II are insulin-like growth factors which are important in reducing fat deposits as they tell your body how to store and use food for energy. IGF-I also accelerates the healing process, balances blood glucose and reduces the need for insulin. It can also increase muscle mass and strength and assists in bone growth and repair.

the natural immunity provider

100% more effective

Through continued research and product development, New Image International has developed ALPHA LIPIDTM, a patented exclusive lipid formula which enhances the solubility of colostrum. More solubility equals more effective action. ALPHA LIPIDTM is made from a dairy product derived from milk lipids (a type of milk fat), both of which are already natural to colostrum, and therefore do not cause damage to its delicate active ingredients.

Phospholipids and sphingomyelin help dissolve the colostrum in the gut and have been shown to improve solubility by 100%. In addition to assisting colostrum’s effectiveness, these specialist dairy ingredients have a positive effect on the liver, gut and brain function.

Phospholipids are found almost exclusively in cellular membranes and in the lipoprotein fraction of plasma. They function primarily as structural elements and are essential for the growth, maturation and correct functioning of the cells in the body. Eighty percent of the brain is comprised of sphingomyelin.

Colostrum in action

1. Germs enter the bodyand make their way to the gut wall.

2. Once attached to the gut wall, germs begin to multiply freely, causing illness and disease.

3. The antibodies in colostrum remain in the gut, increasing your natural antibody levels. When a germ invades they attach themselves to it.

4. Once the antibodiesn are attached, the germ cannot stick to the gut wall, and passes harmlessly through your system.

What makes the difference between a winner, and just another competitor in the sports arena? Often it can come down to just a few vital seconds.

To have a winning edge they have to have the ability to hold off other competitors!

They need the strength and endurance to keep going, no matter the circumstances.

They need natural stamina.

High performance athletes and professional sports people push their bodies to the limits. In doing so they can become prone to illness due to the immune system becoming depressed after exercise.

Colostrum boosts the immune system and aids with natural stamina so that athletes can achieve their best time after time. Colostrum helps to keep the body in top condition from the inside out, allowing the continuation of training to reach peak fitness levels.

The powerful combination of growth factors contained in colostrum stimulate the development of muscle tissue and bone cells leading to increased muscular strength and improved endurance. Colostrum assists with the burning of fat, whilst increasing muscle mass thus giving a leaner, stronger body. IGF-1 which is just one of the growth factors present in colostrum can promote an increase of up to 15% in muscle mass and 14% in strength.

The regenerative effects of the growth factors in Colostrum can also benefit active sportspeople by reducing injury recovery time.

FluNOX Oral Spray A unique oral spray that allows powerful Bioactives in the solution to be immediately absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth and oesophagus. Immufort Colostrum Tablets A high potency colostrum tablet with 40% IgG. Each delicious vanilla flavoured chewable tablet contains 550mg of bovine colostrum. TM Tablets

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Powder formula mixes with water to become the ultimate healthyfamily breakfast drink. 450g can provides 28 servings.

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The History

Early in the 20th century scientists noted that antibody levels in the first milk produced after birth were much higher than those found in milk produced after 72 hours and prior to the development of sulphur drugs and antibiotics colostrum was recognised for its natural antibiotic properties. Physician, Albert Sabin who is credited with development of the first polio vaccine had long been an advocate of colostrum use and had in fact originally isolated the first antipolio antibodies from bovine colostrum.
About forty years later Campbell and Peterson, using an orthodox vaccination protection theory, were to develop a programme whereby cows were immunised with a mixture of attenuated pathogens prior to the birth of their calf. The colostrum collected from these animals was referred to as immune or hyperimmunised. Research conducted on this hyperimmunised milk showed it to be prophylactically and therapeutically successful in preventing and treating pathogens capable of causing infections in the intestinal tract ranging from E coli, infant rotovirus,

cryptococcidiosis, diarrhoea in AIDS and other immunodeficient patients, dental carie formation and a variety of other conditions. In 1992 Kummer was the first to demonstrate that colostrum from nonimmunised cows can prevent gastrointestinal disease in infants. Then in 1998 a study carried out at Otago University in conjunctionwith the New Zealand Dairy Group demonstrated that it was possible to produce a colostrum from pasture-fed, non-immunised cows that showed greater antibody volume and activity than that of the hyperimmunised variety.
The New Zealand Dairy Industry pioneered the first commercial colostrum collection system. Hundreds of dairy farmers with more than 400 cows invested in separate stainless steel tanks and the companies developed the means by which to collect, pasteurise, dry, and store colostrum in large quantities.
In 1993 from the first batch produced, New Image International pioneered the supply of colostrum to the public with the creation of their product called LifelineTM. Supplied in powdered form and used to mix a colostrum drink, LifelineTM was to become one of the best known and leading colostrum’s in the world.

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