Tuesday, July 13, 2010

malaysia h1 n1

H1N1 danger what should you do? Increase your antibodies with Alpha Lipid Lifeline In Malaysia, the extent of this mortality from H1N1 infection already reached more than 60 people and now the government can not afford to control the situation. Caution! Do not panic! What you need to do? 1.Anda need to increase your knowledge of this virus and how to avoid it. 2.Anda to increase antibody / Defence Systems-Your Body Crysella Colostrum Alpha Lipid Lifeline can help you enhance the body's defense against the virus. Now the epidemic is spreading to the entire community. What you need to do is do not panic! If you panic you're acting recklessly. We need to know about and how to prevent these infections. It BAGUS wearing masks (I had to put on when you are in crowded places and when the plane), but what is most important is that if your body's defense system (antibodies) are weak, you need to strengthen your body's defense, this can be achieved by taking Crysella Colostrum ALPHA LIPID LIFELINE. You do not want to dispute the benefits should be increased antibodies in colostrum bodies, I say a lot of research scientists Colostrum can enhance your immune system. We are not able to identify antibodies H1N1 virus, and consequently the body susceptible to this virus. At least with the practice of colostrum intake, you are increasing the amount of antibodies and is getting stronger, at least prevent you easily get sick and fever. Currently, there is no drug or drugs designed to kill the H1N1 virus. So what alternatives we have to fight the H1N1 virus this? Take Crysella Colostrum! So What else should you DO? BREAKFAST AT drink Crysella Colostrum ALPHA LIPID LIFELINE to strengthen your immune system every day! My recommendations, follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health and your family to get health supplements can help strengthen your immune system. Alpha Lipid Lifeline can help you strengthen your body's antibody system! Try it today. Avoid H1N1 outbreak. Protect Yourself! Thank you. Wan Hamidi Wan SulaimanAhli Pharmacy

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