Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Breakfast Drink for Smart People

Breakfast Drink for Smart People Alpha Lipid Colostrum "is the best grade of colostrum containing high content of immunoglobulins and growth factors, coupled with the lipid complex in the form of gangliosides and phospholipis for rapid absorption into the body and bekesan. Formula powder when mixed with water will be the ideal family breakfast drinks healthy. Alpha Lipid Lifeline Colostrum advantages: * Contains antibodies (immunoglobulin) against a variety of bacterial, viral and phatogen. * Enhance immunity against disease. * Formula Alpha Lipid 100% effective and quickly absorbed into the body. * Contains Vitamins and Minerals (Calcium, etc.) naturally enough for daily needs. * Contains Growth Factor (Growth Factor) is essential for the recovery of cells and anti-aging (anti-aging). * Very suitable for pregnant and lactating mothers. * Helps reduce weight and control blood sugar. * Helps to restore the sweet variety kending disease, hypertension, gout, gastric, hepatiitis, anemia, infertility, and offers a variety of nutrients to the best of human health. What are the effects of Alpha Lipid Good? * Mempertingkkat Absorption intestine. * Improved immune function. * Neutralizes virus infection / bacteria / fungi. * Accelerate wound tissue recovery. * Kills parasites in the body. * Increase energy and strength. * Improve constipation problem. * Increase Ton and elastic skin. * Stabilize the emotions and stress. * Stabilize the level of sugar in the blood. * Improved ability mind. * Reduce Heart Risk. * Improving Performance Fizsikal. * Contains durable material degree. * Contains anti-inflammatory (Anti-Inflammation). * Improve Dental Health and bone. Content in Alpha Lipid Lifeline: CONTENTS OF VITAMINS: * Vitamin A - for healthy eyes. Vitamin B1 *, B2 & B3 - To assist the functions of B12 and B6 to be more intense. * Vitamin B6 - For nervous, numb limbs. * Vitamin B12 - Increase blood, suitable for pregnant women * Vitamin C - For skin health, suitable for those with skin problems. * Vitamin D - Absorption of calcium is more extensive, without vitamin D calcium consumption will come out as faeces. * Vitamin E - Antioxidants are important in preventing cancer and cardiovascular disease. It improves blood circulation, which is necessary for tissue repair. They maintain normal blood clotting and healing, reduces scarring. CONTENT Minerals: * Folic Acid - The formation of blood (red) new. * Iron - an important role in normal immune function. Lack of iron can cause the body susceptible to infection. * Calcium - Reduce osteoporosis (bone is less dense), which began at the age of 35 years. Including female menopause "monopaus" will have osteoporosis. Can reduce stress. * Magnesium - Helps the function of nerve and muscle relaxation, including arranging for regular normal heartbeat. can reduce stress. * Sodium - Helps normalize darad pressure and normal function of muscles and nerves. * Potassium - Works with sodium, increased cell growth and muscle. Immunoglobulin CONTENTS: * ribs - also known as mukos antibodies, preventing bacteria from sticking to attack the wall of the organ. Also help to produce enough protein for the human body. * IgE - functions as a peroxide, protecting the cells membrane, Tues tembesaran prevent any disease, strengthen bones, nervous system and the human brain. * IgD - to provide heat, helps absorption of calcium and the distribution of calcium in bones. * IgM - Antibodies produced by cells B & found in bone, intestine eating, lungs, spleen and lymph nodes. It will enable the production of red blood cells, oxygen supply and accelerate the process meneutralisasi any poison found bacteria in the human body. * IgG - is the highest in the composition of antibodies, activating white blood cells to fight against bacteria, especially E-coli, a bacteria often found in the intestines of patients. *. IgFI & IgFII - IGF stimulates new skin growth. Maintain tension in the skin and resist fungus, backteria, viruses and phatogen. How Alpha Lipid act? Acting through the intestinal tract clean, repair, and make the body heal the sick or weak to eat Alpha Lipid How? Take a sachets mixed with 150 ml of water in the early morning on an empty stomach. DO NOT USE warm water or hot water. If you have any disease, add the dosage until you feel a change. This is because kolostrun is safe and suitable to the human body, there is no limit to take. The reaction and recovery process * sleepy and tired "- The replacement of body tissues caused by disease * Sweating, fever and headache - The increase in the rate of metabolism in the body as a result of toxic waste through the urinary tract * itching, frequent urination or large - the removal of the old wastes accumulate heavy metals such as metabolism and other materials that are not needed by the body * stomach pain, muscle aches, nausea and heart beat a little faster - The process of healing, renewal and new storage cells, Wan Hamidi Wan Sulaiman ~ Pharmacist / Health Consultant ~ ~ Millionaire Coach / Leader ~ ~ Our top leader / upline ~ Alpha Lipid Lifeline is "Breakfast Drink for Smart People" because it is healthy food, natural, complete and work to prevent various diseases and also can stabilize many health problems. Many people already use it as a Breakfast and consequently their health is good, it should be practiced every day for your body to be healthy and away from the disease. Start today! Alpha Lipid Lifeline Colostrum is a product key. Lipid formula exclusive to improve and increase the absorption to help deliver the active ingredients rapidly to other parts of the body that need support. Alpha Lipid also contain bioactive components that very much show the effects of the destruction of bacteria in food lines (starting from the mouth to the anus). In addition, it is effective for protection of the heart, improve memory and reduce symptoms depression / stress. Drink Your Breakfast is the Best! Alpha Lipid Lifeline is also a breakfast drink the best. As your pharmacist for the "Breakfast Drink for Smart People". Even the passage of the National Institute of Nutrition Research, USA, also suggests this product is the best product. "It is difficult to imagine any other food that is more natural and more nutritious than Colostrum Alpha Lipid Lifeline" Yes, do not hesitate anymore, because this is the best product to take the breakfast because I'm sure you lack vitamins, minerals and antibodies in the body. In addition, I also know that you are exercising in the morning, so there was absolutely no exercise. Not only that, you also will face the pressure of life at home and at work as well as weakening the immune system of your body's natural defenses to recognition of the Government of New Zealand Products Alpha Lipid LifeLine has also awarded three times the recognition of the Government of New Zealand gave up at 'symbol leaves' - export winner. Only a small number of products managed to get this recognition. With great pride, a symbol of export winner featured on every can of Alpha Lipid Lifeline. In addition, Alpha Lipid LifeLine produced in New Zealand and packed directly in New Zealand. Alpha Lipid LifeLine product has received the recognition from the Government of New Zealand until given "a symbol of spring '(very small number of products that receive this recognition) are proudly displayed ditin Alpha Lipid-canned products. Not only that, this product is halal for consumption by all of us. Iktirafkan halal products in the N.Z. Islamic processed Food Management. Wait Is More? Have A Healthy Body Fitness Now! p / s: This product is worth 180 retail price ... for now join member for more than saving a life ... you can save RM30 each time a purchase ... but can generate income if the share of their benefits to more outside There are not aware of this product benefits. Is not better if you invest your money to take care of your health and your family? >>> This product can also be given to your parents that I think they definitely need milk VERY Alpha Lipid Lifeline is. I and my immediate family have seen and have manfaatnya.Tempah now for those you love for the health investment for long-term self. >>> IF YOU defer to purchase this product to health reasons is not important. Yes, health is not important to those who have never experienced it. Just ask patients dihospital down, they will certainly say that health is the most valuable property in the world. Do not delay, get now! Best Regards: ~ Consultant House Alpha Lipid & SD2 Club ~ ~ Hasira / ID: 186227 (013-6406625) ~ ~ Fix phone / Fax :03-89203877 ~ ~ Email: sirasain_homebiz@yahoo.com ~ ~ Blog: http:// alphalipid-powerbiz.blogspot.com ~ Web Company: http://www.newimageasia.com.my/

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