Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Important Notice to all members of NZ New Image Sdn Bhd

VERY IMPORTANT FOR MY BUSINESS PARTNER TO extend NEWS / THIS IMPORTANT NOTICE TO AHLI2 else!Please INFORMATION AND PLEASE TAKE NOTICE AND SUBSEQUENT ACTION! >>> PLEASE READ FOR REGISTERED's AHLI2 with NZ NEW IMAGE COMPANY SDN.BHD (If you are registered under me and distributor network ... please pm me immediately so that your membership is terminated .. do not make the purchase .. buy sekurang2nya setin alpha lipid RAMADHAN .. good preparation for later ye ... how soon can I practice my story ... ceriti dilain notes, if it please God will berbaloi2 important ... read Kat's below first!)Under this order as the top leader of our sponsors:I would like to convey important information to the members of NZ New Image Sdn Bhd which was registered as a member.
Wan Hamidi Wan Sulaiman Member of Pharmacy / Health Consultant Millionaire Coach / Leader I want to convey this important information to members NZ New Image Sdn Bhd which was registered as a member. This is a news / information issued by the company's NZ New Image Sdn Bhd issued dated 24Jun2010. "The company is identifying the activities, you must be active from the period July 2009 to June 2010. If the failure is active in the period, then your membership will be terminated and the list of names will be removed from the register of members at the company. To give a little more time for your company to extend the active period 23JULAI2010 to all of you to activate your membership. After this date all the data in computer systems will be updated. If you fail to do so in a given period then your membership will be terminated without any further notice " Our recommendations: To be active: you just need to order anything in the name of a member as long as you have PV (Point Value). My recommendation buy Alpha Lipid Lifeline is best to prepare for the fast / Ramadhan which will arrive soon. Best Regards: ~ Consultant House Alpha Lipid & SD2 Club ~ ~ Hasira / ID: 186227 (013-6406625) ~ ~ Fix phone / Fax :03-89203877 ~ ~ Email: ~ sirasain_homebiz@yahoo.com ~ Blog: http://alphalipid-powerbiz.blogspot.com/ ~ Web Company: http://www.newimageasia.com.my/

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