Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the best calciam

INTERESTS Calcium-Calcium is available from the source of milk, dairy products, margarine, and cheese. Additional calcium should be taken by mothers who suffer from iron deficiency to help develop baby teeth and bones. In addition, calcium can reduce the symptoms of numbness and tingling, numbness or cramping in the mother during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester. In fact, based on studies of patients with high blood calcium to minimize the likelihood that a mother of a high blood pressure during pregnancy. Diabetes Mellitus Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is a disease characterized by hyperglyceamia (high content of glucose in the blood), particularly after food intake, on the sufferer. In general, diabetes can be classified as: * The first type of diabetes is also known as insulin dependent diabetes (IDDM - insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus) or diabetes early teens. The first type of diabetes is characterized by failure to produce insulin by the pancreas gland. Usually, the first type of diabetes began to get symptoms of disease during childhood or adolescence. Due to the failure to produce insulin by the body, patients require insulin injections to control blood glucose levels. * Diabetes can be caused by both types of body tissues to insulin resistance and reduced insulin production. Diebetes second type can be controlled by monitoring pangambilan food, weight loss, exercise, eating and taking medicine (insulin injection is required if medication is less effective to eat or give to the patient's side kesa) * Diabetes during Pregnancy (Gestational Diabetes) Symptoms diabetes are as follows: 1. Frequent thirst and frequent need to drink water. 2. Frequently ketandas. 3. Body feels weak. 4. Weight loss quickly. 5. Increasingly blurred sight. 6. Feel dizzy. High-risk groups. They are classified in higher risk groups are: - * Those who have a hereditary disease Diabetes (parents, siblings) * The relatively high weight * People who have had inflammation of the pancreas * Pregnant women who ever had diabetes diabetes during pregnancy. Problems People with Diabetes: For patients with diabetes who do not control their illness, they face a more serious impact. Among its effects are: - * Kidney Failure * Heart attack * blindness / cataract * Coma (lost consciousness) * Stroke (stroke) * nerve pain or "impotent" * `gangrene or limb die / rot know TANDA2 impaired intestinal "According to research by experts on the human intestine, estimated to be 60-10 pounds of feces in the colon terlonggok although we defecate every day. Maybe we are not aware that there is a possibility we have the problem of toxic colon. stools-old filth that is not issued to harden in the large intestine and the intestinal narrowing. berlonggok stool that in the long run will poison the blood in the body. " One of the symptoms related to toxic colon is constipation and can contribute a variety of other diseases. Therefore it can not be looked down upon or treated crumb-fry. Before this, we need to know in advance tanda2 colon healthy self macamana? 1. Bowel movement 2 times a day. (A day even ok) 2. Faeces should be disposed off after the meal. 3. Bowel must be smooth and easy. 4. Stools should be brown, long, large diameter and soft. 5. Stool should float on the surface. 6. Stools should not smell. 7. Stools should be damaged during the pull-water flush. Mark intestinal toxic and problematic: # constipation or diarrhea lasting. # Frequent headache. # Often fatigue. # Easy to forget. # Sleep is often disturbed. # Front pale and dull. # Joint and muscle pain. # Skin problems, acne, spotted, ezema, rash. Stomach # windy. # Lips are dry. # Ulcers of the mouth. # Torso abdomen. # Body and breath odor. COLLECTIONS FAKTA2 HEALTH: FACT: At least six people per hour will be heart attack! FACT: At least 144 people per day will be heart attack! FACT: 90% of victims die within a month! FACT: Diseases stroke seen with an increase of 300% in a year! FACT: No killer stroke four countries! P / s: why ALPHA LIPID to many .... our distributor partners around the country are gathering testimony beribu2 sekecil2nya proved the problem to the chronic stage .... I make this the best supplements as a solution / effort for you out there as solution treat / recover your health problem .... waiting for! "Prevent SEBAIK2 DOCTOR BEFORE too late BECAUSE IT IS YOUR OWN PERSONAL"Best Regards: ~ Consultant House Alpha Lipid & SD2 Club ~ ~ kazi ashraf/ ID: 231556 (0173-141914) ~ ~ Fix phone ~ ~ Email: ashraful0087@yahoo.com~ ~ Blog: http:// alphalipidbd.blogspot.com ~ Web Company: http://www.newimageasia.com/

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