Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekly meeting at Wisma Natural Rubber, Jalan Ampang, KL

Many people ask what's the secret of our income five figures and six figures a month! Among them is a secret since the two year's ago, we did not have "missed" Weekly Meeting (Business Presentation, or called BP) every Wednesday 9 pm in Kuala Lumpur. Since May 2008, where Weekly Meeting (BP) Day is held every Wednesday 9 pm at Level Two, Wisma Natural Rubber, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Which deal with skyscrapers KLCC Twin Tower. At the meeting you can learn the following: 1. heard a description of the product ALPHA LIPID LIFELINE 2. listening to explanations on how to build income from the speaker's Fair's great that you Nik Nik Hafiz Mansor ('s earning RM140, 000 per month!) You should give yourself the opportunity to listen to the health and financial information, especially from people I already earning six figures! Has long been eager to hear the opinion of our friends, our spirits like the fate of our (If the same is not enough wanglah! If my money has to come because you do not have much money ... but if indeed you are looking for opportunities to increase revenue ... is best to come and hear yourself from Nik Hafiz and the other leaders have ) If you want to come, is best to come early and my sms or call 0193355279 Wan Hamidi, I will help you better understand the self we do to achieve the income of RM20, 000 a month! If we can do it, we can not teach Mudjiono brother / i get the same brush income. It's EASY and simple.

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