Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why New image

New Image has a highly competitive compensation plan in the Direct Sales industry. Whether you want a part-time business to supplement your income, or you are an individual looking for a full-time, low risk, low overhead business with exceptional returns, this plan is for you. It is designed to actively reward you for retailing and network building. For 26 years, New Image has provided the gift of health, wealth and happiness to its thousands of members around 10 countries. Many of the satisfied New Image customers have witnessed dramatic and positive effects of New Image products. By sharing these proven, science based products with family and friends, numerous members have helped in providing a long-term wellness solution for them. New Image wants to share its vision with people worldwide to unite and enhance their quality of life through sustainable free enterprise, marketing high quality products. New Image offers a proven home based business opportunity and products that are consistent with our goal of becoming one of the largest direct selling companies worldwide. Be part of this revolutionary approach to wellness and help others reach their dreams of good health and financial sustainability. New Image has garnered a host of Business Excellence Awards:
Category Winner of Deloitte 2009 Fast 50 – one of 16 of NZ’s fastest growing companies
2009 Deloitte Fast 50 - Fastest growing retail or consumer products business (Upper North Is)
Category winner Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year 2003 & 2009
Export Awards Trade New Zealand Exporter of the year - Agritech, life sciences & biotechnology category
Colostrum is Nature's first food
Colostrum is the first milk produced by all female mammals including humans. It is provided to the new born in the first days of life to protect and support their immune system. Colostrum is unique in that it is the only natural product to contain active antibodies. Often called “Miracle Milk”, it has been revered by earth’s oldest cultures for thousands of years for its health giving properties. In 1996, New Image pioneered the manufacture of colostrum for nutriceutical use. Our science has advanced sufficiently to enable new technologies to capture Mother Nature’s precious gift for you to enjoy through our range of highest quality, New Image nutritional products. Targeted at daily and specific health needs, our lead product Alpha Lipid™ Lifeline, which contains Colostrum, is the most exciting nutritional supplement in the world today. Please take the time to read through the information on our broad range of products on this site to see the benefits that they can provide. We think you will be very glad you did! Careful how you choose
Network marketing is like any other business; there are good and bad operators. You have to be very careful how you choose. New Image has stood the test of time and for 26 years is proud to have always paid its commission cheques on time. Mature network marketing leaders who know how to conduct professional due diligence, will feel very secure about the solid financial structure of New Image Group, the high quality designer brand label of the New Image products, the equality and fairness of the compensation plan and the genuine opportunity to earn a stable, long term executive income. New Image International's headquarters and manufacturing base is in Auckland, New Zealand
Aggressive Expansion Plans
What is even more attractive is the fact that the company built its foundations before it started its serious international expansion plans. New Image is in the midst of implementing a high growth strategy, which includes an expanded new product development programme and expansion into new direct selling country markets. The company has an operating presence in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia (regional and country office), Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan (three offices), Hong Kong, South Africa and Japan. We believe that New Image International will be the next mega corporation to achieve a billion dollar sales record. You will succeed with us. To allow this expansion to continue, we have a dedicated team of scientists who research and develop our products and their ingredients. They cover the areas of nutrition and immunity, anti-ageing, regeneration and adult stem cells, skin care, wound healing, environmental science and vehicle emissions. They also collaborate with other industrial and government research partners to allow New Image’s products to evolve as well as improving and enhancing products as new discoveries are made. Take the opportunity when it is presented
You have the opportunity to build your business, selling premium sought-after products from a company with over 26 years experience and a long history of satisfied, active customers. You also have the opportunity of benefiting from a compensation plan that will reward you every step of the way. As you build your network, we look forward to you sharing in our dynamic plans for the future. Commit to action today.

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