Friday, June 4, 2010

Numerous studies in medical journals had shown the effectiveness of weight loss by using PROTEIN SPARING MODIFIED FAST. New Image Asia Slim Diet II programme is derived from PSMF concept. Your body has two sources of energy : 1) Foods that you eat 2) Fats that you stored When you reduce your carbohydrate intakes like sugar and starches, the body will naturally break down fat for energy. The amount of carbohydrate that triggers the fat breakdown is called your CRITICAL CARBOHYDRATE LEVEL (CCL). When fats break down, ketones are produced and this process is called ketosis. Ketones are measured on a urine test strip. This chemical condition is favourable to the fast burning of fat and also prevents revenous hunger!
I would like to iterate about the advantages of Slim Diet II. This is the simplest diet i have ever found in market so far and of course among the cheapest in terms of cost. Futhermore, Slim Diet II is insured with RM46 million of product liability. If anything happenned to you due to consuming SDII, you are eligible to claim insurance for that(with medical report, of course). I never see any slimming products have this kind of liability. If you found any other products, tell me! Why you should choose SDII compared to other products? 1) SDII works closely with the body's NATURAL weight loss system 2) SAFE and effective 3) Remedy the cause of weight gain instead of just treating the symptoms 4) New hope for long-term weight loss control, therefore enhanced health and improved well being 5) Provide you with virtually all the necessary amounts of high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids in proper balance 6) "Plan with a can" 7) DO NOT cause SAGGY skin but only remain firm skin 8) Use up your stores of fat (NOT muscles) 9) Look and feel so much better contact me by email or phone call or YM. kazi ashraful islam international distributor id 231556 new image international ltd h/p +60 173-141914 email : facbook :

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