Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 malaysian women die

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 17,500 who died due Swine Flu 2 Malaysian women die of swine flu; baby healthy AP - Sunday, April KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – A Malaysian woman and her pregnant daughter have died from swine flu, but the baby born to the younger woman is free of the virus. Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai said the 54-year-old woman died of diabetes complications at a hospital Wednesday. Her 29-year-old daughter died two days later due to respiratory problems. The women both had the H1N1 virus but the baby has tested negative. Liow said the girl was born after 36 weeks' gestation and was in stable condition. He did not say what day the baby was born. The deaths, the latest since February, bring the country's swine flu fatalities to 80. The World Health Organization says nearly 17,500 people have died from swine flu globally. Pertingkatkan antibodi anda secara semulajadi dengan mengamalkan Alpha Lipid Lifeline sebagai Sarapan Pagi anda. ALPHA LIPID™ Colostrum is the only supplement that contains natural antibodies that defend us against the type of illnesses we are exposed to every day. There are many other immune-boosting supplements available, but they do not contain antibodies. ALPHA LIPID™ Colostrum’s natural antibodies have been scientifically and clinically shown to be effective against a range of pathogens. Colostrum has no negative side-effects, only the positive benefit of protecting and boosting your immune system. Wan Hamidi Wan Sulaiman Ahli Farmasi/Konsultan Kesihatan Millionaire Coach/Leader Products: Alpha Lipid Lifeline & Slim Diet II ***************************************** collected by KAZI ASHRAFUL ISLAM H/P : +60173-141914 email : Website: Facebook Name: ashraful0087 ********************* Alpha Lipid Lifeline bangladesh

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