Monday, May 24, 2010

Annoucements 07 April 2010

Annoucements 07 April 2010 FREE MEMBERSHIP PROMOTION Effective 2nd March 2010 to 30 April 2010, new representative who purchase one case lot of alpha lipid lifeline will be entitled to free membership but without starter kit. For new representative who purchase 3000PV in one order, he or she will receive a blue colour non woven bag starter kit. Contents of starter kit during this promotion period includes Flip Chart , CD, Membership Application forms, Purchase Order forms and a handbook of Code of Conduct set by Direct Selling Association Malaysia. Please call office should you require any further information. 55th ROYALTY CONVENTION The 55th Royalty Convention ticket is available for sale now. The ticket price is RM50.00 per person inclusive lunch for the afternoon session and RM250.00 per person with free 1 pc Bio Rejuv Cleansing Bar and soap container for Gala Dinner. If you purchase a table of 10 paxs, you just need to pay at special discounted price of RM2250 only. Kindly register early to avoid disappointment. Please make sure you maintain 150PV and 800GV monthly to qualify for Royalty. We would like to emphasize that according to the Terms and Conditions of Distributor Agreement Form Section 34:-The Royalty Club and other bonuses which may not form part of the official Compensation Plan are paid at the Company's discretion and recipients must be personally present at the prescribed time at the convention at which the recognition is presented to collect such items, or forfeit the right to receive them. The Company reserves the right to review all non compensation Plan Cash and other incentives from time to time. This means you need to register and present for the Royalty convention to qualify for Royalty Bonus. CLOSING DATE Members are encouraged to submit their sales earlier so that they can monitor their group sales more effectively. As such the company has come up with advance notice of closing date for the next 6 months. Details are as follows:- April - 29 Apr 2010 May - 27 May 2010 June - 29 June 2010 Please take note that June 30 is the close off for our company's Financial Year. Members who submit their July sales on this day, can only collect their stock the next day that is 1 July 2010 after 12 noon due to stock take. July - 29 July 2010 August - 26 Aug 2010 September - 29 Sept 2010 All submission must reach our office before 5pm on the closing day and Strictly no top-up is allowed after this date. New Image Malaysia Website : Members are advised to log on to our local website at : to check for updated news and promotions. Distributor's Personal Mailing Address We would like to bring to your attention that members are not allow to use Company's address for their personal correspondences. For your information, should we receive any member's personal letter, it will be redirected to the sender. Downline's Sales Submission Recently we received quite a number of complaints from members that they have placed their orders and paid directly to their uplines but yet their sales were not submitted to the company. Kindly take note that any uplines that were found to commit such an offence. Their membership will be terminated and all bonus and commission will be forfeited. Online Ordering Please be informed that online ordering is available now. Kindly call office for further details.

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